Dear Friends,

I hope you and your families are continuing to stay healthy and are dealing with the pandemic well. I have good news to share regarding our practice: we will be reopening the week of June 1st! I also want to share with you the steps we will be taking to ensure that we all stay safe.

Over the next few weeks, starting after Memorial Day, Dawn, our receptionist, will be calling all of our patients to schedule appointments. She will be asking a series of questions relating to your health, contacts, and travel. At your visit, each patient will be required to fill out a written questionnaire detailing this information.

Dawn will also inform each patient about our new protocol for appointments. On your appointment day, each patient must wait in their car before their visit and call the office prior to entering the building. As much as we love having family and friends accompany our patients into the office, we ask that only the patient enter. When called in, each patient must please wear a mask. They will also be greeted at the door with hand sanitizer, have their forehead temperature taken, and be asked to fill out and sign the written health questionnaire.

Just as we ask that you take additional precautions, our office is putting additional steps in place for your safety, including that:

  • All staff will take the same questionnaire and have their temperature read daily;

  • Patients will be treated one at a time, and I will not be moving room to room while during an individual patient’s visit;

  • All clinical staff will wear masks, face shields, and gowns during all procedures;

  • Chair usage will be alternated so no patient will immediately follow a previous patient into a particular operatory (for example, after Patient 1 uses Room 1, Patient 2 will use Room 2 (and not Room 1));

  • The office will have a HEPA air purifying unit in use;

  • When a procedure requires suction, we will soon employ a robotic suction unit to reduce aerosols;

  • The operatories will be wiped with one-minute disinfecting wipes and will be sprayed with hydrochlorous acid; and

  • A UVC light will be employed in each operatory at the end of each day.

We care about your safety, and we thank you for your patience! - Dr. Sack